Shane, you know that it was you, right? When I said that “You broke my heart,” I was talking about you. You know, when I said it, I felt like my heart was breaking.

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Girls like me? We don’t fuck ignorant, pretentious, old men with weird lesbian obsessions. We go for tall, hot girls and we fucking love it. 

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12 Emmy nominations

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"You’re Shane? You’re just a skinny little white girl."

"Yeah, I guess I am."

"Act like you have a girlfriend."

sorry but who in their right mind would choose cheri over fucking cARMEN like seriously.

tie-your-heart-to-mine asked:
I loved your fan fic! The first line grabbed my attention really quick until I figured out it was about the umbrella :) But it is a great first chapter! Keep going ♡

haha that was the plan! thank you sweet I will be uploading a new chapter tonight!

Shane + Lovers

i love this so much

  • 911: what is your emergency
  • me: hello yes, ilene chaiken killed off dana fairbanks plz arrest her.